We have signed up with a company called, “Pay-Fast” to process the credit card payments. This company has a positive track record and fully complies with all the South African legislation pertaining to credit card transactions. It has all the necessary security mechanisms in place to ensure that all of your credit card details are safely stored. We however cannot make any warranties on behalf of Pay Fast.

With reference to the various pieces of legislation, pertaining to Credit card payments, there is a delay of a few days between you the buyer making the payment and this payment being released into our bank account, it is at that point in time when we consider the order as having been “paid”.

We therefore ask you to please accept that this delay will affect the dispatch date of your order!

However if you would like to make an Electronic Funds Deposit (EFT) or a direct deposit, into our bank account you are welcome to do so.

We then ask that you email or fax the proof of this payment so that we are able to allocate it to the correct order without any administrative delay.


The Craft Connexion provides this website as an information source without informational collection intent. However, some information is collected in the process. We provide the following privacy statement for the site:

While visiting this site our servers will log your IP address, time and date information, and the specific files requested. This information is used internally to monitor website traffic. No attempt is made to discover identity based on the IP address.

A cookie is an information packet that is passed to and stored on your computer. A cookie was set when you first visited the site in order to identify you as a repeat visitor on subsequent visits.

Any information that is submitted to The Craft Connexion via e-mail becomes the property of The Craft Connexion and may be used at our discretion. Information gathered by the completion of on-line forms on this website will be used solely for the purpose or purposes indicated by the given form.

This website may provide links to other sites. The Craft Connexion makes no statement on the privacy policies of sites not under its direct control. You are encouraged to read the privacy policies of any website that you visit after leaving this site.

The Craft Connexion reserves the right to modify its privacy policy, as needed. Any and all changes will be reflected immediately in the statement.

If you have questions regarding this statement or are of the opinion that you have not been dealt with according to its content, please contact us via email or via our contact form.


We pride ourselves on supplying products which are durable and of a high quality.

We also need to record the fact that we are not the manufacturer of these products and therefore are not involved with the contents of each pack.

We acknowledge that there could be some variations in the colours of the products and at no time do we imply that this will not be the case.

Should the goods which you receive not be what you have ordered then we ask that you place your complaint in writing to us, which can be faxed.

Photographic (in colour) evidence will certainly be very helpful for a speedy response and rectification of the alleged error.

Please inspect the goods delivered within 24 hours from receipt and advise us within 2 working days if there is any discrepancy.

Any faulty or damaged goods will have to be returned to us before any replacements can be dispatched, unless any alternative arrangements are made, which have be recorded in writing and signed by ourselves.

The returned goods must be accompanied by the packaging in which you received them.


We do not deliver the goods ourselves but make use of the “DOMESTIC PARCEL SERVICES” of the “SA Post Office”.

The goods will be insured subject to the SAPO rules and regulations. (

This parcel service is based on a “Counter to Counter” service and is operated in accordance with their rules and regulations.

Should you wish to have the goods delivered by a Courier Service, this request must be clearly stated on the order and you will be advised of the additional charge which will have to be confirmed as being accepted and paid for before we hand the consignment to the Courier. You are welcome to use our elected Courier or to specify a Courier who would then be expected to collect the consignment from our premises, in which case “Risk” passes at the moment of collection.


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We do close in December for a few weeks over the Festive season.