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Are the beads safe?

Perler Beads would like to reassure you that their beads are safely made using, a food-gradeplastic.

The colouring which is used in the plastic, also complies with the "food-grade specifications".

There are no harmful chemicals in the beads, as may have been found in similar products. Thebeads are routinely tested to meet all the required safety standards.

Are Perler and Hama beads and pegboards interchangeable?

 Yes. Perler beads can be used on Hama pegboards and vice versa.

So, Perler fuse beads and Hama Perler beads together with their pegboards are fullyinterchangeable.

How do fuse beads work? or How to iron Perler beads?


  • Coloured beads are placed over the pegs on the reusable pegboards in any pattern ordesign.
  • The design is fused together, using the heat of an iron for 10 seconds using special ironing paper and an iron which is set on medium heat to fuse the beads together.
  • To prevent the beads from sticking to the iron, it is recommended that an "ironing paper" isplaced over the beads. The heat of the iron will easily transfer through this paper. This ironingpaper can be used many times.
  • When the design is cool, peel the ironing paper off and lift the design from the pegboard.
  • The design can be flipped over and the opposite side of the beads can be fused byrepeating step 2 above.
  • When the design has cooled again, the ironing paper can be peeled off and your design iscomplete.


Why are there small and large beads?

The small beads are for ages 5 to 99.The large beads are ideal for ages 3 and 4, they are known as Biggie Beads.

Where can I see, and feel the products?

We have a display at The Craft Connexion, 37 Voortrekker Avenue, Edenvale. 1610.

On Monday to Friday from 9:00 until 17:00 and Saturdays from 9:00 to 13:00 except for publicholidays.

Are patterns or designs available?

Yes, there are Perler bead designs as well as Perler bead patterns available on the internet aswell as from the Ideas Book and the Funfusion Idea Book.

We suggest you start with the following website:

How many beads do I need?

Small pegboards use approximately 150-250 beads each
Large pegboards use approximately 750-1000 beads each
Clear pegboards are available in a large square, and are very useful for placing designsunderneath. These boards are designed so that they can clip together and very large designs


Ovens vary a lot, so it is very difficult for me to give you a precise temperature. 350° F/ 175ºC (Gas Mark 3) is a guide - you may need to go a little higher. You can use a gas, electric or fan assisted oven, but not a microwave.

Highveld VS Sea Level

The above temperature indication is based at Sea Level! If you are on the Highveld you will have to increase that. We strongly recommend that you make a few trials with the offcuts, before you attempt to shrink the “real” item which you have coloured.


Thermostats also vary. In addition, your thermostat will be continually turning the heat ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’. Consequently, the heat is always ‘RISING’ or ‘FALLING’. It is not actually constant. This is why you may sometimes experience two different results when shrinking one SHRINKLE after another.

Pre-Heating The Oven

It is vital to pre-heat the oven but NOT the foil lined baking tray – this must be cool. If not, this may cause excessive curling and bonding.


Do not cut intricate shapes or long narrow pieces, as they are likely to break.


A standard hole- punch will position a 5mm hole, 7mm from the edge of the plastic. Do not position the hole any closer to the edge as the SHRINKLE could break when you clip a key chain or other attachment on.


It is impossible to be precise about the length of time that you leave the SHRINKLE in the oven. This will always vary due to the difference in ovens, the atmospheric pressure or altitude and thermostats as previously mentioned.

Removal From Oven

Not until the SHRINKLE is laying flat. If it has an overall slight curve on it, it may well be ready, but it certainly isn’t ready if it is at all “curly” or has a hint of a “bubble” in the middle, or the edges are turned up etc.
The vital thing is that it MUST BE PLIABLE albeit for only a few seconds. When you place it under a table mat or book, it is simply to hold it flat whilst it sets. YOU MUST NEVER PRESS IT FLAT!
If it is not pliable and you do press it, it will crack.
If you discover that it is not pliable as you place it on a work surface, then simply re-heat it in the oven until it is.

Oven Too Cool

The SHRINKLE will either not shrink, or won’t go flat and certainly won’t be pliable, and may have bubbles.

Oven Too Hot

The SHRINKLE will curl excessively and bond to itself. ADULTS, if you’re quick to spot this happening in the oven, you can pull the bonded SHRINKLE apart WHILST IT IS PLIABLE, but remember, you’ll only have a few seconds and IT IS VERY HOT, so please be careful.

Finished Shrinkle

If you are not happy perhaps because your SHRINKLE is curved or has a bubble, remember you can always re-heat it, but it will take longer the second time.


Will occur if you a) colour too heavily b) use soft or waxy pencils - please note “Willies Shrinkles” pencils give the best results, c) lean on the areas you have already coloured. It is therefore best to start at the top of the Shrinkle & work downwards when you are colouring, so that your hand does not rest on the colouring you have done. Alternatively, you could rest your hand on a piece of paper which you place on top of your partially coloured Shrinkle.