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Slipstream Tie Dye

Slipstream Dye and Prints

Slipstream unlocks infinite potential with a rainbow of fun on cloth. 

We teach people how to add colour to their own fabric using dye and prints.

With Slipstream products and techniques, a piece of plain fabric can become anything that you want it to be.

Slipstream products are used by crafters, quilters, fashion designers, interior designers, teachers, trainers, costume manufacturers and any other textile and colour enthusiasts.

Our fun techniques inspire children of all ages.

To experience that WOW factor, join us in a class where we will teach you what to do.

During the first lesson you will already be dyeing your first T-shirts!

These classes are generally given on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday morning and span about 2 hours.

Contact us at The Crafters Den on 011 453 9291, or to purchase the dyes and chemicals. Alternatively you can use our on-line shopping cart.

Groups, such as the Girl Scouts, a family or a sports team can arrange for an exclusive/private lesson.

Email: [email protected]

Re-vamp faded denims!! Yes we have dyes with which you can revamp these garments!


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